Alana the house fairy is doing great work!!


We have planned to get rid of Sienna’s bedtime dummy a few times but it has always ended up coinciding with some other event or incident that has prevented us from doing it. Illness usually. I understand that taking a way a child’s comforter can cause them quite a lot of distress. We haven’t wanted to do that, rather we wanted to make the transition to a dummy free bedtime with Sienna on board.

Over the last couple of months we’ve talked about little babies having dummies but that big girls don’t. We also introduced the idea that Alana could take her dummies to babies that need them to help them sleep. I really don’t want her to still be using dummies when she’s three but don’t want to push the issue.

Sienna took matters into her own hands this morning by gathering up her dummies and putting them in front of her fairy door for Alana to take. She did it completely out of the blue and then came to tell me about it. Of course we gave her lots of praise for being such a big girl about it. I wasn’t sure how bedtime would go though.

At bedtime just after her book she said she couldn’t see her dummy anywhere. I reminded her that she had left them for her fairy. She said ‘oh yes, maybe she’ll bring me a present!’ And that was it. Dummies are gone from our house.

I’d better go and pop a chocolate coin by Alana’s door….


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