Full of Promise

P1070103 P1070106

That’s how I feel about our allotment at the moment.

Today baby and I trundled off to Wilko to buy onion sets and seed potatoes. Needless to say I got very excited by all that was on offer and so actually came away with:

Parsnip seeds
Beetroot seeds
Marigold seeds
Calendular seeds
White onion sets
Red Onion sets
2 Elephant Garlic bulbs
1st Early seed potaoes
Main crop seed potatoes
A blackcurrent bush
A loganberry bush!

I had been thinking about taking out two of my gooseberry bushes for a while so now I’m decided. I will be taking them out and replacing them with gooseberries and blackcurrents – and maybe blueberries… ha ha!

When we got home I made lunch, cleaned up, put baby to bed and then set about putting my potatoes out to chit and then pottered out to the shed and planted beetroot, parsnip and Kale seeds. I know i’m a bit early with the kale but i’m very keen to be eating it!

Last year all of my seedlings got eaten by the bird so I need to come up with a cunning plan to avoid that happening again……


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