24 hours in the life of me……..

I probably try to do too much on most days. You really have to adjust your expectations about what can be achieved in a day once you have more than one child.
My problem is that I’m not good at routine. I want to do things that I find interesting and exciting as well as doing fun things with the children. All the other boring stuff just has to get squeezed in around all that. This day was quite standard really except for the fact that we didn’t meet up with any friends so it was just me and the girls all day. From the moment my husband left for work to the time that he got home the only adult conversation I had was with the girl in the cafe at the park and to say that was converstation is pushing it quite a bit.

I jotted this down way back in August when my baby was 7months old and my toddler was 2 and a half. I use an app on my phone called BabyConnect to track what my girls get up to with regards to eating and sleeping so its fairly easy for me to fill in what happenend inbetween those times.

2am baby awake. Feed her, then pat, rub, stroke, cuddle her until she goes back to sleep at 4:15am
4:20am Head down on pillow.
4:45am Baby awake again. Accept defeat and take her downstairs and put her in her swing.
5:30am Doze off on sofa
6:45am Woken by husband leaving for work. Give up on sleeping. Get washed and dressed, make a pot of coffee
7:20 Baby awake. Start feeding her when
7:35 Toddler shouting that she needs a poo. Don’t want to risk a mess so whip baby off boob. Take toddler to toilet while baby wails.
7:40 Resume feeding baby while toddler climbs all over me and asks for daddy
7:50 Go into toddler’s room to get her dressed. She refuses to take her PJ’s off and starts running away from me around the room. Baby is sat on floor giggling. Eventually wrestle clothes onto toddler and persuade her to brush her teeth. I collect changes of clothes for each child and a couple of nappies for baby.
8:05 Make it downstairs. Put on kettle and take out cereal bowls
Toddler doesn’t like the colour of the first one and announces that she’d like daddy’s cereal and milk to drink. I make toast for myself and prepare baby’s breakfast
8:15 Sit down to feed baby whilst eating and drinking myself. Toddler now wants my toast. When I say no she screams and collapses in a wailing heap on the floor. Dash upstairs to grab laundry basket. Bring it down and put a wash on.
8:25 Clear away breakfast and check bag is packed with supplies for the day. Toddler still wailing
8:30 Calm down toddler, brush her hair.(que more wailing), put on coats and boots. Take baby from highchair. She’s filled her nappy so I have to go back upstairs to change her nappy and clothes (poonami!!!) while toddler takes off coat, boots, socks and cardigan.
8:45 Back downstairs. Wander around collecting the clothes toddler removed. Put them back on her, put baby in coat and car seat. Check everything is off. FINALLY leave the house!
9:15 Chase toddler around car and then manage to catch her and strap her in. Get in car to leave but realise baby is still sat by the back door in her carseat. Fetch her and put her in the car.
9:30 Arrive at the park. unload and set up pushchair while toddler shouts “get me out!!” and baby cries. Put baby in pushchair and then walk through the park to the playground while toddler runs along in front occasionally stopping to ask questions such as “whats that man doing? What’s he called? what’s that bird doing? Why has that lady got big boobies(!)” etc etc. All the while i am wondering why we didn;t just walk to our local playground and did I remember to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner?
10am Arrive at the playground. Baby snoozing. Toddler tears about without much help from me – she can do it all by herself she tells me. Baby wakes and wants milk so I sit down to feed her while I watch toddler playing. Obviously she chooses this moment to attempt the firemans pole. I have to walk over – baby still feeding – and help toddler to reach out and grab the pole.
10:40 Toddler needs the loo so baby goes back in pushchair uch to her distress and we walk round to the toilets. The ladies toilets are locked so we have to use the disabled loo but the pushchair wont fit in so I have to leave the door wide open well I help toddler go. Good job i don’t need to go.
Then back to the payground.
11:30 Find a spot to lay out the blanket to eat our picnic. Both little ladies are quiet whilst eating except for toddler stating repeatedly that she wants crisps.
12pm Change baby, pack up and head back to the toilets. Leave the pushchair outside and hold the wriggly baby on my lap so I can use the loo. I beg toddler to stop touching everything and to get off the floor. Eugh!
12:10 Wrestle toddler into the back seat of the pushchair before grabbing a takaway coffee. Set off on a walk around the park to send both girls to sleep.
12:45 Two laps of the park later both girls finally asleep. Walk over to our allotment. Dig over and weed the plot. Pick gooseberries and raspberries
14:45 Walk back to car. Unload everything except children. Walk into leisure centre building so that toddler can go to the toilet before we get in the car. She wakes up in a grump and refuses to use the loo anyway. Walk back to car. Decant children and put away puschair.
15:20 Arrive home with toddler shouting that she needs a wee. Dash in to the house with her. Baby starts crying in the car thinking that we’ve abandoned her. Leave toddler on toilet and go back out to the car to get baby. Get back to find toddler has pulled miles of paper off the roll, removed all of her clothes below the waist and has the tap on full flow spraying water all over the tiny room. Plonk down baby down in kitchen while I sort out the mess. She’s not happy about being left que more crying.
15:30 Take girls upstairs and sit them down with a pile of books while I have a quick wash and change. Baby starts crying because toddler keeps taking her books.
15:50 Back downstairs to start dinner (baked risotto) then wash the raspberries. Sterilise jars in the oven while the risotto bakes and make some jam.
16:40 Call toddler to lay the table (she loves that job) while I pot up the jam and then grab baby , put her in her high chair.
17:00 Serve dinner. The three of us eat together quite happily, sining and jigging along to the music on the radio. Toddler removes all peas from her bowl.
17:25 Set baby up with some building blocks to play with and a dolly’s tea party for toddler. dash back into kitchen to tidy up, sweep, load dishwasher and wash floor before baby causes too much havoc by crawling all over the toddler’s tea party.
17:35 Most jobs half done before both girls are crying so I abandon the cleaning and sit with them to play.
18:05 Toddler starts begging to “watch a little bit of telly” so Cbeebies bedtime hour goes on while she half helps to tidy all the toys away.
18:35 Daddy arrives home and carnage ensues. Both girls squealing and scampering about. A bit of a bundle is followed by playing hide and seek and crocodiles. I take the opportunity to finish tidying up in the kitchen and work out what to have for tomorrows dinner.
7pm All off upstairs for bathtime. Baby wees on the carpet at soon as her nappy is off. Toddler ransacks her entire bedroom.
19:25pm Baby out of bath crying because she wants to stay in the bath. Get her dressed and fed and in bed while husband washes toddlers hair before getting her dry, dressed and in bed for a story.
19:55 Husband and I do a quick tidy round upstairs then go downstairs for dinner (I only have a tiny bit with the girls but think its important to eat with them)
20:10 Dinner on table
20:15 Toddler shouting that she needs a wee. Husband takes her
20:25 Baby crying. I go to soothe her.
20:35 Back downstairs to eat (cold) dinner
20:40 Toddler shouting that she cant find her blankie. Husband goes to her
20:45 Organise bags for the next day. Fold and sort dry laundry. Sort and load washing machine and put on timer. Lay table with breakfast things.
21:30 Sit on sofa with a brew! Reply to messages and emails. Upload photos and finish off a blog post
22:25 Head off to get ready for bed.
22:40 Lights off and head on pillow
23:20 Baby crying. Rock her back to sleep.
23:35 Back in bed ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


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