My nursing tea recipe


I bought a few different nursing teas first time around and hated them all because they all seemed to have ALOT of aniseed in them. I eat and drink most things but I’m not a fan of dill or aniseed. Especially in tea. While fennel does have an aniseed flavour its really not overpowering here at all.

Second time around I have been much braver about making things myself and taking a more holistic approach to all things pregnancy, baby, birth and life in general. I did some research and spoke with a trained homeopath about herbs that could be beneficial and then consulted a pharmacist to double check.

I started drinking this as soon as I had my first twinges of labour. I drank as much as I could throughout labour and then at least one cafetiere each day for the first week. After that I just drank it whenever I felt like it but upped the amount whenever I thought baby was going through a growth spurt or if my supply just needed a boost. I’m convinced It helped me to minimise the crazy cluster-feeding sessions when baby is growing and trying to up your supply. I felt like I was one step ahead in the milk production stakes ha ha!

So here is what is in my mix:-

1 cup Red raspberry leaf
2 tablespoons Fennel seeds
1 tablespoon Fenugreek seeds
1/4cup Chamomile flowers
1/4cup Blessed thistle
2 tablespoons of desiccated coconut (optional)
2 tablespoons Coconut palm sugar (you could use any other sugar you happen to have or leave it out all together)

I just throw all the ingredients together in a jar and give it a good mix.


The chamomile has a tendency to ‘stew’ like black tea and taste bitter so if you’re not likely to get to drink your tea while it’s hot (pah!!) then it’s best to pour it into a cup rather then let it sit in the pot. You can take the chamomile out because it’s not in there for milk production but for it’s soothing and calming properties for mum and baby.

I’m really lucky to have red raspberry on my allotment and chamomile in my garden so I only have to buy a few extra bits.

To make the tea I give my jar a good shake and then put two tablespoons into a teapot (and use a strainer) or cafetiere and cover with freshly boiled water. I then drink it as soon as its cooled enough to do so. A little individual strainer ball can be handy if you only want to make one cup but its best to drink as much as possible.

Milk tea


3 thoughts on “My nursing tea recipe

  1. Have you thought of making a tincture? Save having to drink so much tea. I fing blessed thistle too bitter fit tea but great for production! X

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