One Green Bottle

Now that my big girl is almost three I thought she could graduate from her toddler spout bottle to one that was more of a ‘childs’ bottle. It’s also one that is nice enough for me to use too so my plan is that she and I can share a bottle when we’re out or I can borrow one for the gym. Even though we never put anything other than water in our bottles plastic bottles taste horrible after only a short time whereas steel or plastic tastes fine to me. 

After lots of research I settled on these lovely stainless steel bottles by One Green Bottle which is a British company founded by a parent looking for a safe bottle for their child to take to school. 

I’ve got a stainless steel and bamboo cap for me and a spout cap for her. They do make a baby sippy spout as an alternative cap too amongst a number of other adult sports caps. I chose the ‘nude’ bottle because I thought it looked pretty cool but also there is no risk of chipped paint. There are some nice colours and designs though.  These bottles should last a lifetime so I’m interested to see how they hold up to the stresses of toddler life. The Greenkid bottles we had dented and cracked when dropped even though they had silicone jackets on and they leaked all the time. Fingers crossed these perform better. 


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