How do you stop them from turning into Mean Girls?

With my eldest daughter’s third birthday fast approaching I’m beginning to wonder how you manage making them happy without turning them into spoiled brats?

We all love to see our children happy and for birthdays and Christmases to be magical for them but should we be more restrained rather than shower them with gifts?

When I was at school the girls that had the right hairstyle and scrunchy, the on trend trainers and clothes and the latest must have toy or gadget were all pretty mean. They would hang out in a cosy little clique together excluding and making fun of anyone who didn’t fit the description. I really don’t want my daughters to become one of these girls but does that mean I have to purposefully refuse to give them things that I could and would like to provide?

Even at the tender young age of almost three my daughter is already aware of what other children have and haven’t got. She commented on a friend having a big house a while back and has already started saying things like ‘X has got one of those’ or ‘X is allowed to do that’ so she is already quite capable of comparing herself to others.

We are quite considered in what we buy for our children but our hugely generous friends and family buy them such a lot because its soo lovely to see their happy shining faces.

Does the adage ‘cruel to be kind’ hold true in this instance or do we just continue to try to instill good manners and morals and hope that that helps them to grow into the kind, friendly, considerate individuals that we hope they will be?


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