Women’s instinct

Our littlest lady didn’t seem to want to go to bed on Thursday evening. She just wanted to be held. She was awake crying for cuddles every couple of hours through the night and in the morning I had to get myself and her sister ready with one hand because she wouldn’t be put down (our carriers were in the cars). All very out of character. She ate some breakfast but was still sleepy and clingy.

Then she started throwing up. Ahh I thought, a tummy bug, that explains it. But she started deteriorating quickly. With each bout of vomiting she became more floppy, vacant and passive. I’ve got an older child so I’ve seen how unwell they can be with gastro illnesses but my mothers instinct was screaming at me that something wasn’t right. It took me an hour of battling with myself before I gave in to it and called the Dr. I know they don’t want children with potentially highly infectious illnesses in their surgeries but I could shake off the feeling that something wasn’t right.

The nurse on the phone asked me to bring her straight in which is pretty rare. It took me an hour to get us out of the house due to cleaning her up each time she was ill. The Dr decided in less than a two minutes that she was going to A&E. She didn’t make a murmur when he was examining her. She couldn’t or would sit and she just looked in to the distance as he examined her while she lay there.

Once at hospital initial tests were all ok but the nurse looked at her and said her intuition was telling her something wasn’t right. She decided to do a blood sugar test and immediately I could tell the results weren’t good. Doctors and nurses rushed into the room, equipment started appearing and I was asked a long list of questions.

The following 48hrs were hellish and I repeatedly found myself thinking about how important intuition is and how thankful I was that both the A&E nurse and I followed our gut feeling for our decision making. Things may have been very different for our little one if we hadn’t.

Thankfully our little bean is now back home in her own bed and on the mend. I won’t wait so long again before following my instinct. I’ve learned an important lesson to trust my intuition and go with it. It could save a life.  


4 thoughts on “Women’s instinct

    1. Unfortunately it wasn’t that straight forward. All a bit mysterious and confusing but we’ve been allowed home with a monitor to check her blood sugars throughout the night.
      Hopefully it will eventually settle and be a one off incident.

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  1. As ER nurses and mothers we have something we call “spidy senses” i learnt quickly never to ignore that! They are strage but 99% right. So glad shes better hunny! xxx


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