Forward v’s rear facing car seats. I got it wrong….

Before I say anything just watch this.

First time around I was really keen, eager and excited to put my baby in a forward facing ‘big girl’ seat. At 10 months I switched my above average height daughter from her infant seat into a forward facing group 1 seat. I knew about extended rear facing seats but thought my daughter would like to see me and would be more comfy if she faced forward.
Wrong. If they’ve only ever faced the back then they don’t know any different and it’s actually more comfortable for them to have their legs in a ‘frog’ position than it is to have them dangling.

So, I’ve decided to increase my second child’s chances of surviving an accident by 80-90% by keeping her rear facing for as long as possible. Seriously. They are the figures.

I hate to be preachy and generally think each to his own but this one really got me. It’s an easy way to save a life. If I could find a rear facing seat for my tall 3 that would fit in my car and last more than a year I would buy it without question.

Choosing an extended rear facing seat hasn’t been cheap or easy though. The first seat I chose seemed comfy enough, had seven recline positions  and could be forward or rearward facing. It was great until my then 17month old fell asleep in it.  Her head kept lolling forward uncomfortably. It just didn’t recline enough. I returned it to Mothercare, did alot more research, tried lots more seats in my car and sat my little one in lots of seats. We eventually found one that worked for us. Its a much bigger seat, roomier with plenty of growing room and a good recline.

I think alot depends on your style of car and the type of seats it has as to how well the car seat works for you so there is alot of trial and error. Ultimately though, i now feel confident that in the event of an accident or even an emergency stop to avoid one, my littlest passenger has the very best chance possible of leaving the car unscathed.


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