Taking care of me

I decided recently that I needed to make some time for myself. I’m constantly dashing around doing stuff for the girls but rarely find time to relax or do something just for me. 

 I knew I’d never stick to any sort of relaxation so instead I decided to get a bit fitter. A few friends had joined the local couch to 5k scheme and so I decided to be brave and join them.

Running has never really been my thing. I get bored and give up. This time has been different though. Running in a group and with a specific challenge in mind has made it much more fun. Maybe it’s an age thing too but I’ve also found that it helps me to clear my head of my ‘to do’ list and mentally chill out for 40mins. I still think of a million reasons not to go before we are due to meet up and just before we start I think I’ll never manage it. But running with friends motivates and encourages me to turn up.

Of course afterwards I have no choice but to have a lovely relaxing bath so it means I get to enjoy quite a chilled out ‘me time’ one or two evenings a week.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a marathon runner but for now a little scoot around the park is doing me some good!


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