When did life get soo busy!?

Phew!!! I used to be one of those people who gets home from work, makes a brew, turns on the telly and then doesn’t talk or interact for at least an hour. Then my other half and I would cook and chat then watch a documentary or cooking program before bed. 
Today my evening has gone like this:

Dash out of work at 4 feeling guilty about all the things I haven’t done, drive to two separate locations to collect children, cook dinner (paprika chicken), clean, fix the television, sort laundry, tidy, write lists, make play-date plans, pack bags for the kids and myself , organise tomorrow’s dinner (teriyaki steak with noodle), pack supplies for tomorrow’s event, sort mine and the kids clothes for tomorrow, re-read and tweak my lesson plan for tomorrow, check what the children will be doing tomorrow and with whom, look in on each child sleeping, check and reply to messages and emails and then bed!

And that was a fairly quiet one. Trying to do it all and have it all is flipping hard work!!!!


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