On the move

Whenever we are away from home I find my wrap to be an invaluable bit of kit. 

It gets used as a picnic blanket, a sunshade, a blanket, a towel and of course a way to carry my little folk. 

On the bus to our hotel
Relaxing on the plane

I prefer a kikoy which is thin, lightweight, fast drying and easy to wash. Mine was a gift from friends so it’s not a standard length but between a 2 and a 3.

I’ve learned how to wrap it for hip carries which are great for quick lifts or when little ones are sleeping and a standard ruck which basically allows you to carry your child on your back ike a rucksack/backpack. Brilliant when you need free hands for lifting cases off conveyor belts or to hold a bag and another child’s hand. 

Arrived! Collecting cases in the baggage hall

On a day to day basis at home I prefer the speed and convenience of my Connecta carrier but a wrap wins when out and about.

And off we go!!

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