All ready for school

Each night I lay my daughter’s clothes for the next day out on her floor for her to put on when she wakes up. Tonight’s floor lay was a very special one because it’s the first time I’ve laid out a school uniform. 
A big day for her and us – firsts for all of us. Her first day at school, our first time taking our first born child to school and my little ones first time taking her big sister to school. 

She’s excited, curious and apprehensive. Her two year old sister is jealous and wants to go too, her dad is proud and I’m ….. not sure. I just want her to be happy.

 I don’t feel worried about her growing up – that is exciting and interesting – I suppose I’m just nervous for her. I know what the fear of the unknown is like and I remember how mean and spiteful children can be to each other. I’m acutely aware that I can’t protect her there and I’m not in control of who she spends time with. She’s on her own making her own decisions – aged four. So we just have to hope that we’ve equipped her with all she needs to choose nice friends and be happy. 

Here’s hoping she skips in with a smile on her face tomorrow to prevent me from shedding a tear with her…. 


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