Today’s slow cooker dinner…..

Baked potatoes!!!

We don’t own a microwave. After our last one broke we never bought another and haven’t really missed it except for doing jacket spuds. Discovering that they can be done in the slow cooker has been great. They’re ready to go as soon as we get in with the children in the evening and the slow cooker uses waaaay less power that the oven – convenient and environmentally friendly = winner!

I scrunch up the foil to put in the bottom of the pot for the potatoes to sit on, pop the taties on top put on the lid and that’s it! If I’m going to be out for a full day I put them on low but if it’s only for about four hours them I put them on high. 

I like crispy skins so when I walk in the door I whack the  oven onto its rapid setting at 220’C and pop the spuds in for about 15 mins while I prepare my fillings or get the kids washed up and the table set. 

We serve jkts family style in our house so everyone gets an empty spud and fills with whatever they like. My children both love tuna and prawns in their potatoes, my husband likes cheese and I like a mixture of grated apple and cheese with a squirt of mayo, yum!!!


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