Breakfast Helpers

Lazy weekend mornings with hearty family breakfasts make me a happy girl. 
My favourite breakfast is pancakes. Not The fat, fluffy, American sort but the skinny, eggy, French crepe sort. I like them soo much that when we were on holiday last summer I had one – or maybe two – for breakfast every day!

I don’t mind the classic lemon and sugar filling but my number one filling is a thin smear of mayonnaise along with sausages that have been cut in half and grilled until they have a nice crispy top. My husband and friends tell me this is odd but anyone that has tried it has been surprised by how much they like it!

Thankfully my two little beans are also pancake fans who appreciate my mayo and sausage filling so they now get involved in our monster pancake sessions.

I certainly find that cooking together hugely encourages children to try eating different things. The first time I made pancakes and served them to the girls they weren’t keen to even try them but now that they get involved in making them they can’t seem to eat enough of them.


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