Slower cooker doner kebab

There are a few recipes floating around out there for this. I tried a some and then tweaked a bit to get what i felt tasted just like an authentic doner meat.

Lamb mince                                       500g
onion powder/granules                  1tsp
Garlic powder                                    1tsp
Dried Oregano                                   1tsp
Salt                                                        1tsp
Black Pepper                                      1tsp


Throw all the ingredients except the lamb into a big bowl and give them a good mix. Then add the mince and with clean hands give it all a good mix and a squidge.

I shaped the mixture into a long oblong, and then placed it into my slow cooker which i had lined with foil (this makes for minimal washing up!).

Set the heat on the cooker to high and leave it to cook for 3-4hours. Perfect for while you’re out at the pub!!

I quite like roasted peppers with mine so i thickly sliced some red pepper wrapped them in foil and tucked them down the side of the foil in the slow cooker so that they didn’t get full of lamb fat.

When we were ready to eat we thinly sliced the meat and served it in naan breads with shredded cabbage, thinly sliced onion and a homemade yoghurt and mint sauce.



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