A Summer Bump…

So, now that I’m ‘out’ I could do with some advice. I’ve never had to dress a summer bump before. Both my girls are late winter babies so i’ve been able to swathe myself in snuggly layers of leggings, woolly jumpers and dresses and chunky coats.

This time around i’m trying to work out how to keep cool and comfortable. Luckily I’ve got lots of friends who’ve had babies fairly recently so I’ve been loaned and given quite a selection of maternity clothes. It still takes me about an extra 30minutes to get dressed each day though! Most mornings/ events/ activities require two or three outfit changes to find something that looks acceptable. I’ve grown bigger much quicker this time around and so i’m having to learn fast and adapt quickly! 

My skin has become really oily which is great for avoiding stretch marks on my tummy but not great for my face! I’m not even going to bring up the fluffy hair issues.😠. So seeing as I can’t really control those issues it would be nice to almost get clothes sort of right and look ok.

I’ve never liked ‘throw away fashion’ preferring to buy items that will last and get lots of use. It’s pretty difficult to do that in pregnancy which is why I’ve maintained a loan bag of maternity clothes which I offer out to friends. I got the idea from a very thrifty friend and stuck with it – much to my husband’s dismay each time the bag comes back from its temporary owner. 

I’m all ears for ideas and suggestions. This was me yesterday trying to round up my girls to leave the house. The dress is by Seraphina and is on loan from a dear friend. My sandals are by Palmira Sandals. I bought them hesitantly last year but instantly fell in love with them. They go with everything and were comfy straight out of the box.


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