Slummy Mummy Abuse

Poor Anna May Mangan appears to have totally missed the point in her attack on so called ‘Slummy Mummies’. Not that anyone really attaches much credibility to anything written in ‘The Fail’, but she’s certainly riled a few thousand people.

The reason that there are such a lot of parents out there talking about how hard it is to stay sane whilst caring for small children is because, well it is bloody hard and that’s just the reality of it! People need to feel like it’s ok not to be a perfect parent all the time. We all love the little buggers with all our hearts but that’s old news. How boring and sick making would it be to just see posts and stories from people going on about how amazing their children are and how brilliant each day of their perfect life is ? Errrr vom.

Anna’s biggest failing in my opinion is that instead of supporting and encouraging other parents she’s committed the ultimate sin of being all judgey and aloof. Not a way to make friends but given the number of hits the article has had, maybe naming all the super popular bloggers and authors in the ‘Slummy Mummy’ pack might just have been a clever ploy to boost her own exposure.

As the Unmumsy Mum points out in her bang-on-point response to The Mail article, Anna’s book  The Pushy Mothers Guide sounds absolutely delightful!! At least all the perfect parents out there have a figure head to follow now.  Meanwhile, I’ll carry on with bashing out the easiest family friendly dinners that I can and telling the truth about life as a mum of 2.5 sleep snatchers whilst dreaming about when i can get back on the gin. I know that on those bad days when things are tough there will be the Slummy Mummies out there to let me know that I’m not alone.

Mmmmmm gin.



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