A few things that nobody else mentions about pregnancy…..

So I’m assuming it’s just me.

Cravings, glowing skin, acne, lush hair, tiredness, sickness. All things that are well documented as par for the course during pregnancy. But I seem to have had a few extras that no one else talks about.

  1. An expanding nose

It’s not normally that big!
Yep, it’s true. My nose has grown!! Each time I’ve been pregnant my nose has gotten bigger. It gets sort of wider and fills out and I hate it. In fact, it has never really been the same since my first pregnancy. Instead it’s just sort of deflated afterwards and less rigid 😕🤥. Most embarrassingly my husband found out about my nose issues by coming across ‘pregnant nose’ in my google search history on our tablet.

2. Extra hair 

But not the lovely luscious stuff found on ones head. I’m talking about hair where you’d rather there wasn’t any. Each time I’ve been pregnant I’ve sprouted two or three thick, coarse, black hairs just bellow my belly button. And these hairs are sneaky. They don’t pop out until my belly has gotten to the point where I can no longer see what’s happening below my belly button. They are big and long enough for me to see in the mirror from the other side of the bedroom when getting dressed. They catch me by surprise when trying to work out if say a swimsuit is going to be acceptable to wear or not. 🕷.  The only answer is to pluck the embarrassing little buggers out but this is pretty tricky when you can’t really see them and they really don’t want to come out! Which leads me to my next point…..

3. Becoming more sensitive to pain. 

This seems totally unfair to me. At a time when you are about to deal with what may we’ll be the greatest pain of your life, your pain threshold goes out of the window.

When not pregnant I can happily go along and have my bikini line sugared. I can even have a Brazilian and be almost entirely totally defluffed front to back. But whenever I’ve tried to have even just a minimal tidy up whilst pregnant I’ve almost cried with pain. On one occasion of trying to brace it before a holiday, I just couldn’t hack it and ended up begging the therapist to stop. I was left lop sided but I really didn’t care.

It’s not just ‘down there’ either. My regular eyebrow threading appointment becomes torture too. This may explain to friends why my brows look soo dishevelled and overgrown at the moment. I can’t take the pain. Even a bit of light tweezing makes my eyes water.

4. Bleeding Gums

Not the cool saxophone player from the Simpsons but actual – all your teeth are going to fall out surely?! – bleeding in your mouth. My daughters stare at me whenever we brush our teeth together at the moment because of the blood bath that it is involved. They are convinced that i’m about to loose a tooth or two at any moment. According to my lovely dentist this is not at all uncommon and is caused by those pesky pregnancy hormones. This time they are making my gums more sensitive which is why they gush blood at the slightest touch. Very unattractive. Good job I’ve already got a ring on my finger.

5. Constantly wet pants

No its not a leaky bladder and nothing to do with amniotic fluid. I’ll spare you all the gruesome details except to say its all to do with your cervix producing a ‘plug’. Google at your own risk.

6. Fear whenever doing a poo

This may seem totally irrational to everyone else but its totally makes sense to me. Every time i go for a poo I feel a bit concerned that the baby might come out. Even if I’ve been eating my Shreddies and there is no ‘effort’ involved I can’t help but feel as though baby is going to be squeezed out into the loo. I’ve never really suffered with constipation whilst pregnant, touch wood, but if i did i think i’d be too scared to deal with ‘it’. Pushing a baby out feels a lot like pushing a poo out in my opinion and I’m now worried that I can’t differentiate between the two. My sensible, rational side assures me that there is no way that i’m randomly going to squeeze out a baby (if only!) but the crazy, slightly neurotic side of me still feels worried about it.


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