Pucker up for International Kissing Day!!

But what is on your lips? And even more importantly therefore what is in your tummy?

​These days I find shopping for beauty products rather a lot like shopping for food. You really have to look at the ingredients list because there is an awful lot of false advertising and greenwash. A couple brands that I had thought were safe to use on myself and my daughters actually had lots of petroleum by products in them despite their ‘green or eco’ packaging.

No one wants to eat Petroleum products and I’m even more certain that you don’t want any vulnerable people like children or the elderly eating it either. One time saving way I’ve found of checking how kind and safe a product is, is by looking to see if its NATRUE certified. If it is I instantly know that there will be no mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or parabens in the product. A good start.

NATRUE-standard products are certified at three levels, all highly respected benchmarks:

  • NATURAL COSMETICS – genuinely natural ingredients (preferably organic) and production processes, with no GMOs, synthetic ingredients or artificial additives allowed.
  • NATURAL COSMETICS WITH ORGANIC PORTION – at least 70% of the natural ingredients must come from certified organic production and/or controlled wild collection.
  • ORGANIC COSMETICS – at least 95% of the natural ingredients must come from certified organic production and/or controlled wild collection.

So whilst I’ve been nosing into which lip balm is safest for my daughters and I to use (and i’m sure my husband borrows it occasionally to!) it seems as though those lovely people at my favourite skincare brand Weleda had been reading my mind! Whilst shopping for a few baby bits i picked up one of their new tinted lip balms. Happy me! They cost £6.95 and come in three nice subtle shades.

img_0053For those of you who are interested in seeing which other brands out there are also kind and safe here are a few others which are also NATRUE certified:

Dr. Hauschka Sheer Lipstick

Dr Haushka subtle lip stickA light and creamy composition delivers subtle colour with mineral pigments, beeswax, argan oil and
medicinal plant extracts such as rosehips and rose blossoms to keep lips soft and supple.
Available in six sheer colours
01 Majalis 02 Rosanna 303 Muskrose 04 Florentina 05 Zambra 06 Aprikola
RRP £17.25 2g

trilogy lip balm



Trilogy Rosehip Oil Lip Balm

is an ultra-moisturising, petroleum-free, natural lip treatment. Quickly absorbed, it provides lasting moisture and protection for dry lips.
The careful blend of pure natural plant oils, including jojoba and certified
organic rosehip, cocoa butter and shea butter,makes it highly effective in combating the dry, papery texture of dehydrated lips.
Lips respond immediately, becoming soft and conditioned with the
added bonus of a subtle matte gloss. A touch of peppermint essential
oil also makes this lip treat delicious to use and exquisitely kissable.
Trilogy Rosehip Oil Lip Balm (7ml) RRP £11.50

Lavera glossy lips


Lavera Glossy Lips (6.5 ml)RRP £9.90Offers reflective gloss and shimmering care. The innovative flock applicator allows for precision application creating  brilliantly glossy, soft and unmistakably expressive lips. The soft texture is created with organic butter made of rose, hollyhock and limetree blossoms
Available in eight shades in four colour ranges



There are over 400 Natrue certified lipcare products out there so there are plenty to choose from and no excuses to keep on swallowing those nasties!


2 thoughts on “Pucker up for International Kissing Day!!

  1. The more I’ve read, the more I’ve been converted to a more natural approach to health and beauty. With an increasing number of products out there, it has become more affordable too. Ive tried a few organic beauty products and I’ve found them to be much more effective (and they generally last longer), so i try to replace each of my toiletries / beauty products, with a more natural one as and when they run out. By coincidence I’ve just run out of lip balm so am going to try one of the tinted balms from Weleda.

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