Naked Memories

Well, I’m always encouraging people to be comfortable in their own skin!

If there is ever a time to flaunt your naked form it has got to be when you’re pregnant. No?

I decided that as I don’t intend to be pregnant again, now is the right time to capture what I look like in ‘full bloom’. My daughters take the odd shaky picture of me and my husband will hold a camera begrudgingly with one hand if asked to, but other than that if i wanted to have some decent photos of myself to look back on I knew I needed to get a professional to help out.

Of course when the day arrived for me to get starkers in front of my chosen trusted photographer and friend I turned out to be feeling awful with sinusitis. Typical. It was important to me to use a female photographer who is also a mother so that she could understood how a heavily pregnant woman can and can’t move and the insecurities that  I might feel.

I am pretty comfortable with being naked. Its not that far on from being in a bikini is it? I spent a good couple of hours of my labour with my second daughter bobbling about in the bath at the hospital totally naked. All that said its always going to be a bit strange taking your clothes off for someone to take photos of you. I need not have worried though. Kay worked really hard to make me feel at ease and as a result I didn’t actually feel at all self conscious when whipping my clothes off. I felt relaxed throughout and my belly bean did lots of wriggling about for the camera too. Not wanting to miss out on the limelight.

Having two small children to care for already meant that I had little time to ‘prepare’ for my photo session. I painted my toenails, had a shower – during which I blindly used my bikini trimmer to have a little tidy round downstairs – then rubbed a little Weleda Stretch Mark Oil into my tummy and thighs after getting dry. Once dressed I put on a bit of make up and that was it. Done. No time for anything else!

I’m looking forward to seeing my whole gallery of pictures. I know from my previous pregnancies that once you’ve had baby and your tummy has disappeared you struggle to believe that your tummy  and boobs were once sooo ginourmous!!!

Ultimately, the most important thing about these photos is that I had them taken for me. They’re not for anyone else’s benefit. I could have bought myself a new handbag or had a spa day but what I chose to have some pictures that I can keep forever and show to my children and grandchildren one day.



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