Hospital bag packing

So I thought I'd have a quick go and throwing things in a bag ready for Birthing Day and here's what I came up with. ….

Hair bobbles, hair band and brush

Hot choc and decent tea and coffee (I'm British so I want a good cuppa post birth)

Face wipes

Toothbrush and paste

Shower gel and body lotion (I'm kidding myself with the lotion but they match)

Chemical free deodorant

Cleanser ( kidding myself again but I'd like
to think I'll cleanse my face rather than use wipes)

Illuminating balm for the day we leave hospital

Lip balm to keep lips soft during all that panting

Maternity pants – of course I'm hoping for a straight forward natural delivery like last time but an emergency c-section could happen.

Maternity pads

Breast Pads – I have reusables for when at home which I prefer because they are comfier and don't make loads of noise but you don't know when you'll be home to wash them

Headphones for listening to hypnobirthing

Toasty socks – I get cold feet during and after labour

2 sets of pyjamas – just some cheapo ones from ASDA. I only took nighties with my first baby and felt very self conscious around visitors with my massive pants and pads on.

Clothes to go home in – leggings, nursing vest and cardigan.

Nursing bra extra big pants!

I think I'm missing:

Nipple cream,

Chocolate buttons

Phone charger

Anything else?


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