A Summer Bump…

So, now that I’m ‘out’ I could do with some advice. I’ve never had to dress a summer bump before. Both my girls are late winter babies so i’ve been able to swathe myself in snuggly layers of leggings, woolly jumpers and dresses and chunky coats.

This time around i’m trying to work out how to keep cool and comfortable. Luckily I’ve got lots of friends who’ve had babies fairly recently so I’ve been loaned and given quite a selection of maternity clothes. It still takes me about an extra 30minutes to get dressed each day though! Most mornings/ events/ activities require two or three outfit changes to find something that looks acceptable. I’ve grown bigger much quicker this time around and so i’m having to learn fast and adapt quickly! 

My skin has become really oily which is great for avoiding stretch marks on my tummy but not great for my face! I’m not even going to bring up the fluffy hair issues.😠. So seeing as I can’t really control those issues it would be nice to almost get clothes sort of right and look ok.

I’ve never liked ‘throw away fashion’ preferring to buy items that will last and get lots of use. It’s pretty difficult to do that in pregnancy which is why I’ve maintained a loan bag of maternity clothes which I offer out to friends. I got the idea from a very thrifty friend and stuck with it – much to my husband’s dismay each time the bag comes back from its temporary owner. 

I’m all ears for ideas and suggestions. This was me yesterday trying to round up my girls to leave the house. The dress is by Seraphina and is on loan from a dear friend. My sandals are by Palmira Sandals. I bought them hesitantly last year but instantly fell in love with them. They go with everything and were comfy straight out of the box.


Spanish Baked Eggs


We were supposed to be having meatballs for dinner tonight but the planets didn’t align. My little one chose to go down for a nap later than I had hoped so there was no time.

So i whipped up some Baked Eggs instead. This is another one of those meals that is always a winner in my house and its really quick and easy to make. I just call them ‘Spanish’ because of the chorizo!


600g Potatoes chopped into small chunks (waxy ones are best)
2 cloves garlic sliced
200g Chorizo casing removed and sliced
2 spring onions sliced
1 bell pepper (i like red ones)
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
4 medium eggs (room temp is best)


Throw the potatoes into a pan of salted boiling water to get cooking. Turn on your oven to get it nice and hot. 180’C should do it. Take a big oven safe pan and pop onto the hob on a medium heat. Once its hot add the chorizo and bell pepper and let it sizzle away so that all the tasty fat renders out of the sausage.

Turn the heat down to a simmer and add the spring onion and garlic. Keep stirring and watching now as the garlic can burn quite easily.

Test the potatoes with a knife. They should be cooked through so you can drain them and add them to the large pan. I like to get some crispy edges on the potatoes so I cook them for a little while here, stirring occasionally.

Next add in the whole can of tomatoes, give it all a sir and let it bubble for two or three minutes while you get the eggs. using the back of a large spoon or a ladle make four ‘wells’ in the surface of the potato mixture. Then crack an egg into each one of these wells. I find it easiest to crack the egg into a small cup or jug first and then pour them in. you can check them that way too.

Put the whole pan into the oven for about 10mins or until the eggs are as set as you like them. I can’t really give super accurate timings for this bit because there are a lot of variables i.e how big are your eggs, were they cold or warm and do you like them runny or set? My little ones and I like them quite set so i bake them for about 13/14mins.

That’s it. Serve it up!! I like to sprinkle some chilli flakes on top of mine.


There aren’t many jobs getting done……

Summer holiday afternoons seem to be about chilling with both small people squeezed on to my lap.

I’m trying really hard not to look around at the mess or fret about all the jobs and chores I need to do and instead relax and enjoy some quality time with my little ladies.

Sometimes I’m very guilty of trying to pack too much in to each day/week/month so I’m really working on going at a slower pace. This afternoon we watched a movie, danced with ribbons and worked on a few puzzles.

Reaping the rewards of my labour has started…… Rhubarb

Not that I actually do anything to the rhubarb each year. It just sprouts back bigger and better every spring!

It’s one of my favourite vegetables (parading as a fruit!) so I’m always very eager to get at it.every time I arrive at the plot I can’t help but have a gentle tug on each of the stems to see if they’re ready.

I came away with an armful the other day and I’m now drooling at the prospect of crumbles with custard, a topping for my yoghurt, smoothies, and French toast fillings. Yum!!

Today I’m making Honey Baked Rhubarb. It’s a no sugar recipe. Just the fabulous stems chopped into short lengths, honey, a small piece of vanilla pod and the finely grated zest of an orange all mixed together. I cover it loosely with foil and whack it in the oven on 150’C for 45mins to an hour.

Once cooled it keeps in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week. 

Creepy Crawlies

One of Sienna’s birthday presents is a live butterfly kit. The Painted Lad caterpillars arrived in the post yesterday and have since doubled in size!!

Sienna is very curious about them and has decided that she is their mummy. This afternoon I caught her whispering sweet nothings to them. She was telling them it was alright and that mummy was there. 

Reading the hungry caterpillar has prepared Sienna for what caterpillars do but I’m sure she will be surprised when they start changing.