A winner dinner

Making meals for a newly weaning baby, a super fussy pre-schooler and a ravenous six year old is proving pretty tricky but this one was a winner.


Magic Milk!!

I’ve read articles before about breastmilk changing colour depending on the health of the people around the mother but I really hadn’t noticed it with my previous two babies. Maybe because neither were at school so they weren’t getting as many bugs but it could also have been that I was just way too tired to notice! There is less than two years between them.

This time around I can almost tell you that someone in the household is ill before anyone starts showing any symptoms because my milk changes colour. In the image below the bottle on the right that is pretty much creamy coloured is my usual milk. The bottle on the right is what I produced when my 4yr old became ill with a virus. The bottle in the middle is the transition period in between.

It’s quite difficult to capture in a photograph but there is a distinct blue tinge to my milk when one of my older children or husband becomes ill. And just to be clear. I’m only nursing the four month old baby.

This is the second time it’s happened now so I really don’t think it’s coincidental. My clever norks are just tailoring milk to suit the needs of my baby to protect her.

Pretty impressive stuff huh?!?!

Its the little things….

So, I’m a big fan of my Bugaboo Cameleon (it always gets me that it’s spelled that way instead of Chameleon!) but its away on a little holiday at the moment so I’ve been using an iCandy Strawberry2. It wasn’t my first choice because the bassinet isn’t as big as the Cameleon one and I know I have quite long babies BUT I’ve just discovered something about it that i really love!

It won’t be that exciting to most people but for a pushchair geek and sleep deprived mother, little features like this totally rock my boat! 🙂

My husband is not in the slightest bit interested in this sort of thing – although i think he would be if he were the one loading the carseat in and out of the car multiple times a day. I decided to make a little video and share it in the hope that someone out there would maybe be at least half as impressed by it as me! Sad I know. It only save a teeny bit of time an effort but there have been plenty of brain fog moments with other pushchairs where I’ve spent ages battling with them unable to work out why they won’t fold down. I’m clearly getting old and have too many children….

Just for reference I also get excited by holidays and red wine so i’m not completely odd.

Four month sleep regression 😴

I knew it was coming. I’ve seen it lots and lots with the babies in my classes but it still caught me off guard.

After weeks of sleeping like a runner after a marathon (long deep hardcore sleeping is how I imagine you’d sleep after a marathon. I’ve never actually tried it), Baby Bean decided on NYE that sleep is for losers and she’d rather be up seeing stuff.

Here she is at 2345 after thwarting all my attempts to send her to the land of nod.

Baby Bean has started to go to bed at a decent time!!

Which means I can finally enjoy a properly relaxing soak in the bath.

For the last three nights she’s been in bed asleep by 8pm and this evening she did something super strange. I put her in bed awake and went downstairs to eat dinner at break neck speed before she started kicking off only…..she just went to sleep. On her own. Wierd. Good though!!

For about a month I’ve been wondering how to get her into bed at a more sensible time. Having a ritualistic bedtime routine just isn’t an option for baby number 3. There is too much going on with children 1&2. I had also wondered if I needed to try to stick to some sort of daytime routine but with school runs, preschool and various clubs and classes to attend that just doesn’t work for us either. I needn’t have worried though. When the time was right and in her own good time our little bub has found her own daytime routine and settled in to a simple bedtime routine that works for her. You’d think I’d know this by baby number three but it’s amazing what you forget!!

Since Poppy was born I have been on duty rocking, cuddling and feeding her every night until she finally conked out for the night between 10 and 11pm. And from about 30weeks pregnant lying in the bath was just not fun so it’s been around six months since I’ve had a nice bath!

Of course I’ve had a few post partum soaks because they’re good to help with the healing but they start out as slightly ouchy dips and move on to being a quick splash in between feeds. There is still the constant niggling feeling that at any moment I might hear a little wail of discontent but this is as close as it gets to full on relaxation with a small human in the vicinity.

Somewhat coincidentally a lovely friend brought bath treats as gifts for the girls and I today so I’ve taken it as a sign and borrowed the baby’s mood light bath duck for a bit of overdue pampering.